Saturday, July 11, 2015

Prelabor Pt. 1

So Jack hasn't been dropping, and I haven't had any contractions, including false or braxton hicks. Yesterday my extremely kind mother in law did Bowen Therapy on me to help induce the prelabor a little bit. (The whole point of Bowen Therapy is to manipulate your nerves and muscles to help you relax and loosen up.)
And holy cannoli.
Jack has completely dropped, I'm now having false contractions, and my stomach has become a LOT smaller due to him dropping so much. But I have sadly realized that I will definitely be feeling labor on my inner thighs. They hurt so bad that I have to really waddle when I walk and if I want to just stand, I have to squat a little. Boo!

But as the false contractions started to kick in, I realized I don't have any maternity photos. So tonight we are doing an extremely last minute photoshoot. What better time to take some pictures when you're in prelabor?

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